Just started up a Tumblr

Which sounds odd. .  ‘A tumblr’ as if a tumblr was a specific thing rather than a type of blog or blogging platform. Still, it has it’s own sort of feel, something a bit more throwaway and loose than a ‘proper’ blog. Somewhere between a flickr page and a pinterest board (which I haven’t explored yet. . . do I need to? I dunno)

Any road up, here it is –


I’m going to put an old illustration, a digital pattern/artwork and a photograph up every day and see if I get any likes or follows or whatever. It does seem quite a hassle free process so I’m enjoying it in a quiet way. There does seem to be quite a lot of good stuff on Tumblr. It’s easier to find it than on WordPress or Blogger I reckon.

Here’s a pic from my tumblr, which, by the way is called ‘lessisless’ which isn’t necessarily true but I had to call it something.



Jon x


Pattern and Surface Design Stuff, and stuff. . .

I have been doggedly and slightly obsessively (if you can actually be slightly obsessive) producing and refining pattern ideas for fabric and related surface design on and off over the last several months, repurposing images and patterns I create in the texture creation engines of certain bits of 3D software, (pursuing my possibly delusional conviction that what I am producing is quite interesting and would look great on fabric. . .) and have been learning quite a lot in the process. I have been trying out my designs the fabric print on demand website Spoonflower (click the image, it is linked to the site). Not a lot of response yet, but I haven’t been promoting anything I have put on there. I do need to start doing that really, but getting seen, let alone noticed amongst the mass of designs on there is pretty hard . . .


This design is simple sine based shape overlaid with a textural linear pattern


This is a simple repeat pattern in three colours based on a simple recursive sine fractal shape.


This design struck me as being like a digital version of a traditional damask. The symmetry helps. There is an echo of traditional design to it, without there being any trace of a traditional motif there at all.

I have to say I find these echoes of human design occurring in a purely digital medium, (strongly directed by me), really fascinating. Many pattern designs and motifs are stylised from nature. Nature is (arguably) underpinned by fractal mathematics. So when fractal mathematics throws up forms evocative of those in nature, and of natural forms stylised by being processed by the human brain, (arguably, another fractal process) it’s perhaps not too surprising. There’s something of the basic maths of how the brain is constructed and how it constructs the world in there somewhere. Or it might just be in my head that this echo happens, I don’t know. I see fractal mathematic related forms and distributions of things everywhere. Mainly coz it is everywhere, and because I’m looking for it. . .

Trying a couple of repeat patterns on S6

Recently I have been making quite a few designs for repeat patterns. I think they would look great on all sorts of surfaces and in all kinds of colourways, but getting them in front of anyone involved in the surface design industry is incredibly hard. Well, I am finding it to be incredibly hard, but then I am from another discipline altogether and don’t really know how surface design ideas are best presented and to who. . . Anyway, whatever. . . Let’s see how they go down at Society 6. Looking good on iPhone covers.

A couple of new things on Etsy.

Some tile like designs as 6 x 6 prints. I didn’t want to make them any bigger as I like them as near tile like as possible. Awkward sod that I am.