Cat Show

After my trip to Crufts, I realised that I enjoyed taking shots at public events. Places where a camera is less of an intrusion, or at least feels like less of an intrusion. So I wandered up to a local cat show at the Wood Green Animal Shelter up in Godmanchester. It was a bit tricky to frame stuff up as the layout was rather rigid, with the cats all in cages and the cages all in serried ranks. The people were a degree less eccentric than the dog show crowd, so less fun there. The cats were beautiful however. I didn’t want to just take snaps of pretty moggies though, so I tried to get a flavour of the event as best I could. I didn’t spend anything like long enough there but here’s what I got. . .


Feline Eye contact no 1. The cat’s single eye sums it all up. Amazing how expressive a single eye can be. Or at least, how expressive the viewer makes it. How the cat actually feels is only to be guessed at, but to human eyes it looks well pissed off.


Feline eye contact 2.

Feline eye contact no 3.- of the embroidered kind.





These bald cats are so odd, like some kind of embryonic creature. Poor bloody things, why do we do this to cats?


The judging happened on little trolley type tables that the judges wheeled round. The reserves of patience these cats have is amazing, compared to most cats I have known.


I liked how she seemed to be peering out from behind a palisade of chairs. .


Yeah well, I thought it was funny.


Jon x


One thought on “Cat Show

  1. Hey I went to a cat show last weekend with my wife. I didn’t take any photos, but in Adelaide Australia it was the same crowd, same cats!

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