Stuff and things and things and stuff. .

I’m having an ebay posting fest right now. I have what I guess you could call a comics ‘collection’, all of it in boxes in the garage. As I haven’t looked at any of it in years hardly, I decided to declutter and sell it if I could.

I’m starting with the American comics I accumulated in the late seventies. Not sure why really as I am not a great fan of American comics generally. I did grow quite fond of the work of Jack Kirby however, he has a simple dynamic style and takes strange liberties with the human figure, not always successfully to my mind ;-).


So I spent a fair bit of time photographing around 100 comics (just for starters!) bringing them into Pshop and saving as jpegs. I’ve put about thirty or so on ebay over the last few days and have sold about fifty percent, so I’m quite pleased. I will be doing this for the next few months at this rate though. . . At least I get to recycle all the Amazon packaging and jiffy bags I hoarded for just such an eventuality!

Apart from that I’ve been hacking out rotten wood from a window frame and making good again. . . making a wood panelled wall effect using MDF and those thin edging strips you get from DIY shops. Looks bloody good actually ;-). Sorting out all the accumulated free copies of my books that were in boxes in the attic in order to give them to Primary Schools locally, putting up shelves in my studio to put the rest of them on, taking some crap from out of the garage down to the dump, putting bits and pieces on freecycle and getting the car MOTed.

So nothing creative to blog about.

So here’s a drawing of a cat.



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