Fuji x100 wide angle


Fishermens’ huts at Southwold

I really like my x100. In fact, since I flogged my Nikon D90 and a few lenses to pay for a second hand X100 a year and a bit ago, if not longer, I have hardly ever felt the need for anything else. Maybe once or twice, when stuck at the back of a crowd, I might have wished for a zoom lens, but that’s about it. The trouble is, that when the idea of going just a bit wider gets mentioned, I can’t helping thinking it would be a nice option.

A 35mm equiv lens is a great focal distance for all sorts of situations, but I have to admit to the niggling desire for something a touch wider sometimes. It doesn’t help that I am used to my little Ricoh GX200 (my other favourite camera, but for different reasons) and it’s wide angle to short-tele zoom lens. I found that the distance I chose to stand from my subject was automatically right for a 28 or 24mm lens. I kept having to take two steps back to get the framing right with my x100. I’m more at ease with it now, and I can guess better, but it made me realise that I am comfortable with a 24/28mm equiv lens and enjoy the slight distortions and the ability to fit a lot in the frame that it brings.


Fishermens’ boats and tractors at Southwold

So I did some research into what was available. Obviously, the fuji add on 28mm equiv made especially for the x100 would be first choice, but for around £250 they can keep it. That left a few options made for earlier cameras of other makes. Others have posted at length about this so I won’t go into tedious detail. Suffice it to say I hit ebay and tried a dead cheapie from the far east. I wasn’t very impressed. I tried a huge minolta, which was soft at the edges and just too bleedin big. I tried a raynox, which was the same only smaller, and eventually hit on the nikon WC-E68. This was still a touch soft at the edges but better than all the others, imho. I find it perfectly usable.

My X100 with the Nikon WC-E68

My X100 with the Nikon WC-E68

So really I am just endorsing the Nikon as a reasonably priced (I paid around £50 I think on ebay) alternative to the fuji wide adaptor. You need a 49-52 step down ring. (The x100 is 49mm and the nikon fits 52mm) I fitted it on top of the uv filter/lens protector as that way I have less fiddling about to do when I want to remove the nikon and I couldn’t see any difference in the quality of test shots with and without the filter. The only issue is that as the lens is very convex, there is no lens cap available. I use a soft lens bag with an elastic band round it to protect it when not in use. Not high tech I know, but it protects it OK from casual scratches etc. Knocks and bangs would be a different matter, but then I try not to bash my camera about 😉


Fishermens’ boatyard and tractor at Southwold

I’ve been trying to keep it on my camera for an extended period, to give it a good run and see if I like what I can do with it. So far I am pleased. For the type of shots I like it works fine. And the whole shebang still fits in my jacket pocket, just.

All shots taken with the WC-E68 in place


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