I’m Not Reading!


World Rights Boxer Books. www.boxerbooks.com

(the cover pic is linked to Amazon uk, but it can be bought from bookshops, they pay tax I believe. . . )

Here be my latest book!

Only just out, as of a few days ago, published by Boxer Books both here and in The United States. There will no doubt be other language editions forthcoming. It will be being toted round at Bologna to grab some co-editions. That makes six ‘I’m Not!’ books in the series now.

(I’m Not Cute! I’m Not Scared! I’m Not Santa! I’m Not Sleepy! I’m Not Ready! and now I’m Not Reading!)

Baby Owl is getting to be a brand 😉 Well. . . in a small way at least.

The other good news about this book is that it got a good review in a prestigious American book magazine/website called Kirkus Review. So I am feeling quite pleased right now, as long as I don’t think about the state of children’s publishing at the moment and get depressed again. . .


Text reproduced below. I hope I’m allowed to do this.

“Baby Owl’s plan to read a story to his toy, Owly (not the delightful comic-book character, but adorable just the same), turns viral.

Tiny Chick promises to sit quietly if he can listen also. But here come his brothers and sisters, followed by his cousins, all jumping on poor Baby Owl’s lap, pushing and shoving and all but pulverizing him. He protests and demands quiet, but when even more chicks join in, all his good intentions are brought crashing down by the frightening over-exuberance of his audience, and he calls for help. Dad comes to the rescue, and along with the chicks’ mom, he brings order to the chaos so Baby Owl can read the story without further ado. Allen’s latest adventure starring the endearing Baby Owl displays a nice mix of charm and mayhem, but that moment when Owl disappears in the crowd of crazed chicks is downright terrifying. So what will young readers find here? Is it a lesson in the joys of reading or a warning about mob rule, at least as it pertains to demented chicks, or perhaps a homily about trusting wise and loving parents? It’s all there, and Allen’s sharp, bright digital cartoons make it all work. Even the endpapers are filled with those goofy little chicks, not appearing the least bit threatening. A sweet, cozy ending suggests a perfect bedtime story.

Fun and reassuring. (Picture book. 3-6)”


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