Crawled out from under me stone again, innit. . .

I have decided to start posting stuff again. Yay!

I had lots of ideas about how I was going to use this space to share stuff I was doing, but I got bogged down somewhat by worrying about whether I should put my photographic noodlings and my surface design noodlings etc alongside my bona fide actual children’s book stuff, and whether anyone gave a stuff either way. I couldn’t decide, so catatonia set in and I let it all slide.

But now I have decided that I don’t actually give a stuff either way myself, which frees me up to post whatever I flamin’ well like and if anyone reads it, well that’s a bonus. I might even try facebook and twitter again. . . I said ‘might’. . .

To mark this epoch defining moment I have changed the template to this rather fun chalkboard one. Hope you like it.

I’ll get round to some actual content in a bit, just saying hello again really and setting out my intention fwiw.





4 thoughts on “Crawled out from under me stone again, innit. . .

  1. Welcome back Jonathan. I think yours is the attitude I need to adopt re blogging. i just can’t imagine anyone being interested but as you say: who gives a stuff?!! Liking the chalkboard approach:)

    • Thanks, there’s so much out there in blog land that I almost feel embarrassed that anyone would read mine when they could be reading something interesting instead 😉 Almost embarrassed, but not quite. .

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