Been Busy

No, not work. Not as such, but I have been working.Β Gill has signed up to do a craft fair with a friend this weekend, in Saffron Walden, and I am helping get stuff ready, as well as making stuff I could sell too. Neither of us have done this before so it will be interesting to see how it goes. I’ve been printing things out for greetings cards and small art prints. Some abstract pattern stuff, some funny drawings with gags sort of stuff, some funny cat stuff, and some repurposed vintage Zoo Print set stuff. Maybe I should print some photos too, just to run the full gamut of my creative endeavours. . . So I will find out which of my styles is most popular, if ‘popular’ is the right word at present. . . It is nice to have so much material to call on though. If it goes well I might even approach some actual shops rather than trying all those online venues. If it doesn’t I won’t. . . πŸ˜‰


I’m Not Cute! and others in Chinese etc. . .

Just got a parcel from Boxer Books with some Baby Owl books in Chinese. The first time I have been published in Chinese I think. They have had Japanese and Korean translations before but not Chinese. I like the way it makes Baby Owl look somehow oriental. . . The text is in Chinese and English so I guess there is an educational element to them. They look really good.

Here’s ‘I’m Not Cute!’ in Chinese.

I also got some smaller hardbacks in something I assume is Serbian, but there are no clues on the books as they are all in ‘Serbian’, even the copyright details, (which are often in English in foreign editions). Nice to see Baby Owl’s World domination plan moving forward πŸ˜‰ He seems to have a good foothold in the Balkans. . .

Here’s ‘I’m Not Cute’ probably in Serbian.

Online Promotion and all that

I’ve been reading up on the subject to see what those in the know have to say, and despite digesting lots of what is likely very sensible advice on what someone in my position ‘should’ be doing, I still feel uncomfortable about it. All the Tweeting and Facebooking and Blogging etc it seems you are expected, no required to do. . . It doesn’t sit right.

Initially I thought that this was just something I needed to get over. That what I was encountering was a constitutional discomfort with pushing my own work, the common British ‘failing’ of not liking to ‘blow my own trumpet’ as my parents would have called it. Avoiding self aggrandisement because it is somehow rather vulgar. . . But on further reflection I don’t think that is the case. I don’t think it is entirely true to say that it is just the process of trying to overcome my natural reticence that makes me uncomfortable, I’m finding that what bugs me is the expectation that I should maintain a constant commercial agenda. That, behind any and every online interaction I have there should be the hidden guiding hand of a Social Media Strategy aimed at driving ‘traffic’ to my shop. I really fucking hate that. It means that every blog post, or tweet or whatever is basically dishonest. You are only being entertaining or interesting because if you aren’t, you won’t get people following you and if people aren’t following you they aren’t going to see your promo posts that you fit in between the fun stuff. And if they don’t see your promo posts then they aren’t going to follow them to your shop and if they don’t do that you won’t get any sales. . . ka ching. . .

I suppose the answer is to be totally upfront about it. Every promo post should be flagged as such, and the fun (?) stuff should be Β done for the love of it, or for the love of the sound of your own voice πŸ˜‰

Oh well, I like the sound of my own voice, and I like my work, whatever anyone else thinks, so I shall continue to blog about it and if people are bored by that they’ll leave me to witter on in thoroughly deserved obscurity. . . .

More Dog Hoodie Ideas

I have two Dog Hoodie designs now voting on Threadless at the minute. Cross fingers for me.




I also put up three prints using my ‘My Other Dog is. .’ idea, on Society6. I got the usual ten or eleven promotes. Oh well, i think it takes time to build up a presence there. God knows how long it takes to get a sale πŸ˜‰