And So On. . .

Sent some illustration samples to an agency yesterday, including some of my recent t shirt design/funny drawing type stuff. Let’s see what happens. Probably not much. The thing to do is to send it and then forget it. If you hear, then good, if you don’t then it ain’t no big deal. Worrying and waiting is a bad way to handle it.

Same goes for sending ideas for books. I sent a couple of Young Reader ideas and a Picture Book idea to a new publisher today. Things I really like but as these things are so hard to second guess, who knows if they will.

I am considering submitting my novel type thing that I wrote about eight years ago, to a literary agent. I reread it the other day and I think it is still quite funny. It doesn’t embarrass me to look at it, put it that way. Nothing to lose I guess, but I feel reluctant. I shouldn’t do, but it’s one of those emotional blockages I have to get past.

So I’m getting stuff out there. Not a lot coming back my way, but that’s the name of the game. Life huh? 😉


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