Social Media Blitz ;-)

Well, I decided to launch myself into The seething maelstrom of social media. OK, maybe I’m getting a bit overly dramatic there, into the semi stagnant pond of social media in my case, but I am stirring the slime and algae with a stick at least.

I rejigged my facebook account and friended some folk. I made a fanpage and liked people from it, and got a few back. I made a new Twitter account to spam the world with my Prints from, and a RebelMouse account to. . . well. . . to something or other with. I can amalgamate all my shop stuff and my FB and twitter stuff there apparently. I’ll work it out in due course.

Update – I made another rebelmouse site linked to my new Twitter account so that all my shop stuff stays in one place, and all my more personal stuff goes somewhere else. I can cross feed bits and pieces from time to time. My friends don’t get spammed with my stuff that way.

So, every time I put something in one of my shops on etsy, Society6, Redbubble etc, it goes to twitter and from there, to RebelMouse. Phew. Now all I have to do is follow lots of similarly minded people and see if they will follow back. Not sure if this leads to sales, but it gets the name and the work ‘out there’.

Onwards and upwards!

Twitter –  @JBurgessDesign

RebelMouse –

FB –

Oh yeah, my electric sheep, (see last post) scored 2.79, which although not terribly exciting, is my highest score, and not too bad really. Things have been printed with lower scores than that. . . But not very many.


2 thoughts on “Social Media Blitz ;-)

  1. Just popping over to say hello, blogging your art is so much fun. I started it thinking it would be a way of keeping me drawing and it has just snowballed from there….good luck!

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